Radiation Detection and Dosimetry Workshop
U.S.R.A. Berkner Room, Houston, TX 77058

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TimePresentations - Thursday, April 6, 2006PresenterPDF InfoText Version
8:30 Overview and Charge Eddie Semones    
8:50 Introduction to CEV/Constellation John Connolly About PDF Text Only
9:20 Overview of Current Operational Instrumentation on ISS Eddie Semones About PDF Text Only
9:50 Coffee Break      
10:00 Overview of Current ISS Charged Particle Spectrometers Kerry Lee About PDF Text Only
10:20 Medipix Larry Pinsky About PDF Text Only
10:40 Development of Portable OSL Reader for Spaceflight Activities Steve McKeever About PDF Text Only
11:00 DLR and ESA Human Space Dosimetry - Current Experiments and the Future Thomas Berger About PDF Text Only
11:20 Group Discussion      
12:10 Lunch      
1:10 Ground Based Dosimetry Solutoins from Thermo Electron Corp. Marko Moscovitch    
1:30 Space Radiation Dosimetry: Lessons Learned and Recommendations Eric Benton About PDF Text Only
2:00 MicroDosimeter Instrument for Space Flight John Dicello    
2:30 Review of TEPC's Available for Spaceflight Dosimetry Les Braby About PDF Text Only
2:50 Living with Radiation in Space: Microdosimetric Approaches to Detection, Measurements and Modeling Hooshang Hikjoo    
3:10 Coffee Break      
3:20 Group Discussion      
4:35 Current and Future Radiation Monitoring Issues from an ESA Astronaut Perspective Christer Fuglesang About PDF Text Only
4:50 Group Discussion and Day 1 Summary      

TimePresentations - Friday, April 7, 2006PresenterPDF InfoText Version
8:00 ALTEA: Anomalous Long Term Effects in the Astronauts Livio Narici About PDF Text Only
8:30 Current Status and Perspectives of Alteino/Altcriss and the Future Si-Rad Project Marco Casolino About PDF Text Only
9:00 Combined Ion and Neutron Spectrometer (CINS) Dick Maurer About PDF Text Only
9:30 The Mars Science Laboratory Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) Scot Rafkin About PDF Text Only
9:50 Coffee Break      
10:00 PSI Charged Particle Instrumentation for Flight Gary Galica About PDF Text Only
10:30 Recent Canadian Space Radiation Dosimetry Activities Brent Lewis About PDF Text Only
11:00 Manifesting Issues Gwyn Smith About PDF Text Only
11:30 Group Discussion      
12:20 Lunch      
1:20 ESA Radiation Monitors: Ongoing and Planned Activities Hugh Evans About PDF Text Only
1:30 CRaTER (Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation) Instrument Harlan Spence About PDF Text Only
1:50 Angle Detecting Inclined System (ADIS) for Measuring Heavy Ions Jim Connell About PDF Text Only
2:15 MARA Paul Delaune About PDF Text Only
2:30 Group Discussion      
3:00 Coffee Break      
3:10 Group Discussion/Workshop Summary      
5:00 Adjourn